Salt & pepper calamari


Crispy aromatic duck (half)


Spicy beef tenderloin with silky beancurd


Spicy fish fillet with silky beancurd


Tender fish fillet with wine sauce


Sweet & sour pork


Three cup chicken


Brown braised chicken


Sauteed prawns with white pepper sauce


Sauteed prawns with crispy garlic & blackbeans


Sauteed prawns with special spicy sauce


Braised beef and pumpkin in hot pot


Black pepper beef


Lamb ribs with cumin & blackbean sauce


Wok fried onion and lamb


Spicy calamari hotpot


Wok fired spicy “Kung Pao” chicken in fermented chilli vinegar sauce


House made egg and spinach tofu


Salt & pepper egg and spinach tofu


Wok fried green beans with minced pork
(vegetarian option available)


Wok fried English spinach


Blanched Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce


Spicy mixed mushrooms in hot pot

Claypot rice with mixed Chinese chorizo


Claypot rice with three cup chicken


Claypot rice with braised beef and pumpkin


Claypot rice with spicy “Kung Pao” chicken


Claypot rice with black pepper beef


Claypot rice with fish fillets & silky beancurd


Claypot rice with beef & silky beancurd


Claypot rice with onion & lamb

Hot & sour soup with silky beancurd


Macanese style mini pork burgers


Prawn and pork wonton in spicy sichuan sauce


Pork & garlic chives dumplings


Prawn and pork wonton in chicken broth


Shanghainese style meatball in premium stock


Chicken & woodear mushroom dumplings


Fish and prawn dumplings


Sichuan chicken in spicy chilli oil sauce


Carrot & jelly fish in special vinaigrette dressing


Shredded potatoes, enoki mushrooms & capsicum salad


Spicy cucumber salad


Tofu skin & black fungus in sweet & sour dressing


Peking duck roti


Cheese & mushroom roti


Plain roti

Prawn & pork wontons with handmade noodles in spicy sauce


Handmade spinach noodles with mushroom in a Chinese toon paste


Handmade noodles in chicken soup with fried pork chop


Handmade dan dan noodles in a rich & spicy sauce with fried pork chop


Prawn & pork wontons with handmade noodles in chicken soup


Handmade noodles with prawn & pork wontons in a peppery hot & sour soup


Handmade noodles with beef brisket


Handmade noodles with beef brisket in spicy soup


Wok fried handmade spinach noodles with seafood


Handmade noodles wok fried in premium soy sauce with shredded roast duck


Wok fried handmade noodles with lamb in satay sauce


Handmade spinach noodles wok fried with mixed mushrooms


Wok fried short grain rice with Chinese kale, prawns & chicken minced


Wok fried short grain rice with roast duck & mustard seeds


Wok fried short grain rice with beef mince & black beans


Vegetarian fried rice


Wok fried flat rice noodles with tender beef slices