Small side dishes to arouse your appetite


Seaweed and jelly fish salad dressed with black vinegar, sesame oil and a touch of chilli oil.


Cucumber salad marinated in chilli oil, sesame oil and garlic.


Silken tofu topped with pork floss, shredded preserved mustard vegetable, diced century egg and minced chilli.


Shredded and deboned duck feet marinated with Sichuan pepper and chilli spice, complemented with crispy sweet Chinese broccoli.


Seafood caramel glazed fried baby calamari and Chinese fried fritter. Tossed with fresh apples, strawberries and crushed peanuts – finished with a gula melaka dressing. A unique twist on a sweet and savoury snack.


Roast duck and citrus salad – selection of fresh green salad leaves with enoki mushrooms, almonds, cherry tomatoes with our signature roast duck sauce dressing.

Full of tempting flavours to warm the soul


Prawn and pork wontons in a chicken soup.


Egg flower, tomato, English spinach, bamboo shoot slices and tofu soup. Double cooked corn fed chicken soup. The double cooked method seals in and enhances the flavour of the chicken and the soup.


Peppery hot and sour soup with prawns, shredded pork, wood ear mushroom, sea cucumber, bamboo shoots and enoki mushrooms.


Prawns, scallops, slow cooked baby abalone and bamboo pith served in duck broth with chrysanthemum cut tofu. A wholesome and tasty soup.

Fresh and light options


Pan fried scallops with three sauces; garlic vinaigrette, sun-dried tomato chilli ketchup and sesame sauce. Served with a citrus, enoki mushroom and almond salad tossed in our signature roast duck sauce dressing.


Our own style of salt and pepper baby calamari with fried capers. An excellent dish with a Chinese beer.


Crispy soft shell crab with fried shallots, garlic, chopped chillies and desiccated coconut.


Lightly battered king prawns served with wasabi mayonnaise and flying fish roe.


Barramundi fillet grilled in banana leaves with a spicy sambal sauce.

Familiar dishes using authentic recipes with a modern twist


Flash fried, medium wagyu beef served in bite sizes with crushed black pepper and a black pepper dipping sauce.


Macanese style mini burgers filled with pork fillet, pork floss, lettuce and a sweet chilli mayo dressing. A must-have dish.


Ox tail slow cooked in a mix of Chinese herbs, then fried with lemon grass, eschalots, ginger, chilli, galangal, kaffir lime and basil leaves. Served in a sizzling hot pot.


Dongpo pork belly – the pork takes six hours to prepare with a medley of spices. Served atop steamed radish cakes. It is sweet, savoury, aromatic, richly coloured and melts in your mouth.


‘Sweet and sour pork’ with balsamic vinegar. These lightly battered pork shoulder pieces are garnished with dashi, vinegar pickled radish and cabbage. Takes an old favourite to the next level.


Tataki wagyu beef with a Sichuan style spicy dressing.


Pan fried lamb cutlets with lemon grass, fried garlic and shallots.


Our own surf and turf. Lightly fried and salted fish fillet pieces and crispy pork belly in kecap manis, flavoured with cinnamon and mandarin peel. Served on a generous bed of citrus, enoki mushroom and almond salad, dressed in our signature roast duck sauce dressing.


Modern san choy bao with chicken mince, chilli and basil in a lettuce parcel (4 lettuce cups per serve).


Classic san choy bao with roasted duck mince and oyster sauce in a lettuce parcel (4 lettuce cups per serve).

Fresh seasonal vegetables and tofu


Chef’s own handmade salt and pepper egg and spinach tofu.


Chef’s own handmade egg and spinach tofu lightly fried, topped with preserved vegetables and a house made soya sauce.


Mixed broccoli and cauliflower vegetables with bacon bites served in a hot pot (seasonal).


Wok fried green beans with finely minced pork and dried prawns.


Crispy caramelised eggplant with a hint of numbing sichuan pepper.


Water spinach wok fried with fresh garlic and topped with fried garlic.


English spinach wok fried with fresh garlic and topped with fried garlic.


Chinese broccoli blanched and served with oyster sauce.


Water spinach wok fried with chilli prawn paste.

Prawn and pork wontons handmade noodles served with minced chicken and chopped lettuce in a Shanghainese style spicy sauce.


Handmade noodles served with slow cooked beef brisket and minced beef with diced fresh chilli.


Zha Jiang noodles. Handmade wheat flour noodles and zucchini noodles with minced pork belly sauce.


Sweet and tangy diced chilli chicken with handmade wheat flour noodles and carrot noodles.


Handmade spinach noodles tossed with king brown mushrooms, straw mushrooms, shredded carrot and a Chinese toon paste. A vegetarian favourite.


Traditional handmade dan dan noodles in a rich and spicy sauce with finely minced dried prawns and ground peanuts.


Traditional handmade dan dan noodles in a rich and spicy sauce with finely minced dried prawns and ground peanuts served with fried pork chop.

Marbled beef dipped in a spicy Sichuan soup with handmade spinach noodles, shimeji mushrooms and julienned carrots. Beware of the heat.


Prawn and pork wontons, omelette strips and julienned carrots with handmade noodles in a chicken soup. This dish will certainly warm your heart.


Double cooked corn fed chicken soup served with handmade noodles. The double cooked method seals in and enhances the flavour of the chicken and the soup.


Handmade noodles in chicken soup, omelette strips and vegetables served with fried pork chop.

Spinach handmade noodles wok fried with prawns, mussels in shell, baby calamari tubes, julienned carrots and fresh shitake mushrooms.


Singapore style handmade noodles and rice vermicelli wok fried with curry prawns and chicken.

Handmade noodles wok fried with prawns, onion, cherry tomatoes and homemade fried silken tofu strips in chilli prawn paste, served with lettuce and a lemon wedge.


Handmade noodles wok fried in premium soya sauce with shredded roast duck, shitake and king brown mushrooms. Topped with omelette strips and sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds.


Handmade noodles wok fried with sliced salted pork belly, fried egg, garlic chives, wood ear mushrooms, julienned carrots and topped with crispy pork belly crackling.


Handmade spinach noodles wok fried with three types of mushrooms, julienned carrots, topped with crunchy shallots.

Crispy and unique, handmade to order by our own pastry chefs


Shredded lamb with spicy cumin rolled inside a flaky Chinese roti.


Shredded Peking duck with cucumber, hoisin sauce rolled inside a flaky Chinese roti.


Flaky plain Chinese roti.


Flaky Chinese roti with cheese and mushrooms.


Flaky Chinese roti with pork floss and Taiwanese sausages.


Small parcels of absolute pleasure


Prawn and pork wontons in a Shanghainese spicy sauce (5 pieces).


Mixed steamed dumplings sampling platter; jumbo prawn dumplings encased in a translucent pastry (2 pieces), chicken and prawn shui mai (2 pieces), colourful mixed vegetable dumplings in a crystal pastry (2 pieces) and fish dumplings with prawn and celery (2 pieces).


Chicken and prawn shui mai (4 pieces).


Colourful mixed vegetable dumplings in a crystal pastry (4 pieces).


Jumbo prawn dumplings encased in a translucent pastry (4 pieces).


Prawn and squid shui mai topped with avocado and fish roe paste (4 pieces).


Steamed mini bread rolls (4 pieces). Best to eat with a saucy dish.


Steamed sticky rice with chicken, pork and shitake mushroom wrapped in lotus leaf (2 pieces).


Steamed bbq pork buns (2 pieces).


Fish dumplings with prawn and celery served in a fish broth with bonito flakes (4 pieces).


Pan fried prawn pot stickers (6 pieces).


Pan fried pork and cabbage pot stickers (6 pieces).


Fried prawn wontons with seaweed (5 pieces).


Fried mini bread rolls served with condensed milk (5 pieces).


Crab meat spring rolls (6 pieces).

Freshly wok fried to your order


Wok fried medium grain rice with diced chicken in Tom Yum flavour with a hint of lemon grass and fried basil.


Wok fried medium grain rice with finely diced spinach, mixed vegetables and egg.


Wok fried medium grain rice with three kinds of eggs (chicken egg, salted duck egg and century egg).


Wok fried medium grain rice with diced roast duck and a hint of dried mandarin peel.


Wok fried medium grain rice with diced salmon pieces, diced Chinese broccoli and flying fish roe.


Wok fried medium grain rice with prawns and diced Chinese olives.


Steamed jasmine rice.

A delicate, sweet finish to a delicious meal


Delicate sesame panna cotta perfectly contrasted with kaffir lime dusted meringue, Azuki beans and a sesame seed tuile. A creamy and crunchy combination hit.


A twist on brioche French toast, this delightful dessert delivers with glorious mouthfuls of peanut butter, crunchy peanuts, caramelised banana, a drizzling of condensed milk, a hint of cinnamon and of course, ice cream!


A refreshing mango and coconut marriage! Mango granita and puree served with our coconut cream, nata de coco and slices of fruit, topped with crunchy granola.


Our own pot plant dessert – layers of sponge cake, strawberry jelly and ice cream of your choice topped with choc rocks and crushed biscuits.


Piggy and Eggy Fairyland. Prince and Princess Piggy (sesame buns) and their friends Eggy and Yolky (egg custard buns) meet up in the milky way, surrounded by magical stars and meteors. A perfect shared plate.


Eggy and Yolky egg custard buns. Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? Squeeze his head and watch him stick out his tongue. A fun and playful dish (minimum 2 pieces).


Chefs Gallery famous steamed sesame ‘piggy face’ buns. They are as tantalising to the eyes as they are to the taste buds. A must try for adults and children (minimum 2 pieces).


Velvety egg pancake of the day served with two scoops of ice cream. Choose from; strawberry, mango, green tea, or black sesame ice cream.


Ice cream choose from; strawberry, mango, green tea, or black sesame.