28 Aug Review: @lilopeng

LiloPeng recently sat down for a meal at our Town Hall Restaurant, and was impressed with our “simple but creative” dishes!

Lilo jumped for old-school favourites, ordering our “sweet and sour pork” – battered pork jowl pieces garnished with dashi, vinegar pickled radish and cabbage. She paired this with our silken tofu topped with pork floss, shredded preserved mustard vegetables, diced century egg and minced chilli. Yum!

Any green cravings were definitely satisfied too with our vegetarian favourite – the handmade spinach noodles tossed with king brown and straw mushrooms, shredded carrot and a Chinese toon paste.

“Basic home dishes made to the next level” – couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Click here to check out Lilo’s full visit.